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An Interactive Poetic Installation

L. E. Neal

When you crawl to a chapel, you search for grace. When you offer a prayer, you ask for wisdom and healing. When you light a candle, you light it for someone you’ve lost. There’s no place at our traditional altars, however, to remember people who are alive but gone. No space to process who has altered your heart. 

At the Grin City Collective, I created a new space to bring failures and heartaches and hope, and turn them into epiphanies. A space where you can participate by bringing mementos from relationships both damaging and radiant. A space where we light candles for broken friends and former lovers, and canonize the little beauties these hard things have grown within you. At this very human altar, we honor the best pieces of people who have been in our lives, creating a space that allows us to walk out embodying these pieces with gratitude.

Reading in Twilight

L. E. Neal

Two performances as the sun put Iowa to bed, first when light lingered and then when it gave up, fully. Perfect crowd. Candlelight warmth. And a communal bottle of Dickel. Slideshow action shots here. Full installation photographs on the way!

Fresh Canvas

L. E. Neal

Grin City Collective, Grinnell, Iowa. My studio is in an antique corn crib, with handcrafted plank floors and windows looking out onto rolling green fields. After a productive week of writing, the massive desk gets the boot and the installation work begins...